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Student Security Camera, Student Accommodation Camera, Affordable Security Camera

Student Security Camera - from WatchBot

WatchBot is a perfect student accommodation security camera. WatchBot gives you the freedom to view, protect and monitor your room/flat, whilst you’re at lectures or socialising.

A wireless camera, WatchBot gives you total peace of mind; set the motion detection and, if triggered, the camera will send an alert to your smartphone, tablet or computer - giving you the opportunity to focus on your studying. The affordable security camera ideal for students, WatchBot makes your student living carefree!

Student Security Camera

Student Accommodation - make it secure with WatchBot

With WatchBot’s multi device compatibility you can view and monitor your accommodation wherever you are. Whether you’re at a lecture, the library, or out partying hard, you can use your smartphone, tablet, laptop or computer to log into the camera, and see your accommodation in real time. Use the up, down, left, right facility and you get a complete overview of your property.

Student Accommodation Security Camera

Relax during your semester holidays

When you go back home during semesters, you can leave your WatchBot on to monitor your flat or student dormitory room. You can record footage for evidence onto any connected device or the optional on board micro-SD card. With WatchBot’s two way audio communication, you can even yell at a burglar (or fellow student) to scare them off.

Student Flat Camera

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