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Pet Monitoring Camera, Petcam, Watch My Pet at Work

Pet Monitoring Camera - from WatchBot

Do you ever wonder what your pets are up to when you’re away? WatchBot is a petcam that allows you to use your smartphone, tablet, or computer to see what your pet is doing whether you are out shopping, or in work. WatchBot wireless pet camera allows you to monitor and communicate with your pets whilst you’re away from home.

Even use WatchBot wireless petcam whilst you’re away on holiday and you leave your pets with neighbours or kennels and catteries.

WatchBot features two way audio allowing you to talk to your pets through the built-in speaker; you can even add another external speaker. So whether your dog is being naughty jumping on the couch or having a nice comfy nap in your bed, you can talk to them.


WatchBot petcam catches the Naughty Dog!

Using WatchBot’s motion sensor, you can get notified when your pet is in an off-limits area of your home; you can use WatchBot’s two-way audio communication feature to talk them - tell them to get off the couch or leave the room.

WatchBot is a pet monitoring camera that also allows you to capture video and images. You can set the camera to record events at specific times - great when you’re away from home and you need to check what your pet has been up to during the day.

Pet Monitoring Camera

Capture the Naughty and the Nice Moments

WatchBot pet monitoring camera lets you monitor your pets while you’re at work and capture those cute and funny moments. Connect different cameras in different locations all around your home and you will see when your pet has the run of the house.

WatchBot can be used as a dog or cat monitoring camera and can be used in kennels and catteries, so you can keep in touch with your pet even if you’re thousands of miles away.


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