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Home Security Camera, Wireless Security Camera for the Home, Neighbourhood Watch Camera

Home Security Camera from WatchBot

WatchBot is the simple to set up and easy to use home security camera. Use WatchBot all around your home - WatchBot lets you control up to 64 cameras at the same time, so you can monitor all areas of your home - and all from your smartphone, tablet or computer.

Home Security Camera

Home security camera that alerts you of attempted break-ins

Whether you’re away from home on holiday, at work or socialising, WatchBot can be monitoring and protecting what’s important to you. The camera is an affordable wireless camera for home security.

You can log into WatchBot at any time and use the up, down, left, right functions to view the camera’s surroundings. WatchBot is an IP camera that lets you view your home from anywhere in the world.

More importantly, turn WatchBot’s infrared and motion detection on, and, if triggered, the camera will alert you to any movements - you will know exactly what is going on, day or night.

WatchBot is a wireless home security camera that can be connected to your home alarm for added peace of mind.

Wireless Security Camera

Wireless security camera for the home

WatchBot is Wi-Fi enabled, so you can move the camera to any location in and around your home - this lets you monitor any room or area you want, at any time.

The wireless home security camera lets you record footage onto the optional onboard micro-SD card, or other device, and use it as evidence. You can even listen in and yell at any burglar with the built-in microphone and speaker!

Use WatchBot as a home security camera, a camera for monitoring your garage and its contents, even as a neighbourhood watch camera; WatchBot can be used by home users everywhere.

Neighbourhood Watch Camera

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