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Holiday Home Security Camera, Second Home Security, Home Security on Holiday

Holiday and Second Home Security Camera

Do you know what’s happening at your home or your holiday home whilst you’re not there? WatchBot is ideal as a holiday and second home security camera; the camera allows you to keep an eye on your property and possessions, even if you’re thousands of miles away - on your smartphone, laptop or computer.

Holiday home camera

Whilst you’re at home, you can monitor your holiday home with WatchBot. Set alerts to notify you if motion is detected in your empty house. Record footage to the optional onboard micro SD card or your wirelessly connected computer.

Camera to monitor your home whilst you’re on holiday

Whether you go on holiday once a year or 20 times a year, you will be leaving your home vulnerable to burglars or leave behind precious loved ones, like elderly relatives and pets. Wherever you are in the world, you can use your smartphone, tablet, laptop or computer to log into WatchBot, and see your home and relatives in real time. Talk with them - WatchBot has a two way audio facility.

Camera that protects holiday homes

Holiday homes are a great place to escape and get away. However, when you return back home to normality, your holiday home remains empty and cold. Do you know if there are unwanted visitors or squatters in your holiday home? WatchBot wireless security camera monitors your holiday home when you’re not there. And with the capability to connect 64 cameras, you can watch over every room.

Camera that protects holiday homes

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