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Elderly Care Camera, Protect Vulnerable Relatives, Care Home Camera

Elderly Care Camera - from WatchBot

WatchBot is a wireless security camera that is ideal for helping you keep in touch with your elderly or vulnerable relatives. Ensure your loved ones are safe, even if they are hundreds of miles away.

With WatchBot, you can listen to your relatives using the integrated microphone - and they can hear you with the built-in speaker. Use WatchBot as an elderly care camera and keep in touch with your loved ones, wherever they are.

Communicate with your elderly relatives using your smartphone, tablet or computer; with WatchBot you can also monitor an elderly relative’s home whilst they’re out shopping - check to see if everything is OK - even be alerted if intrusion is detected with the motion sensor facility. Video footage and images can also be saved onto any compatible connected device.

Elderly Care Camera

Privacy when your Elderly Relative needs it

If you’re worried about privacy, you can relax - with WatchBot, your elderly relative can simply switch the camera off.

Monitor Unwell Relatives

Monitor unwell relatives or vulnerable people

WatchBot is ideal to use for ensuring vulnerable or unwell people are safe. You can remotely monitor friends and relatives, providing you with total peace of mind. Check in to see if they are eating well or taking their pills on time.

If your family is not living with you, you can make sure they are getting the attention and care they deserve by monitoring their caretakers and care providers.

Monitor Vulnerable Relatives

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