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Baby Monitoring Camera, Child Safety Camera, Baby Monitor with Night Vision


Baby Monitoring Camera from WatchBot

WatchBot is the latest baby monitoring and child protection camera that allows you to view, monitor and ensure your baby is safe and sound; use your smartphone, tablet or computer and view your baby whilst you’re in a different room.

Gone are the days where you had sleepless nights checking on your baby’s safety every hour or so. With WatchBot’s motion sensors, infrared and email alerts, you can watch as your baby sleeps during the night and clearly see and hear if your child is disturbed.

Baby Monitoring Camera

Baby monitor with night vision

The camera has an automatic night vision feature and lets you monitor your baby day or night without having to disturb them by switching on the light. The camera has a motion detection facility - WatchBot will automatically alert you - so you can check on your baby at any time.

Use two WatchBots, and you can monitor two babies in different rooms simultaneously - and all from your smartphone, tablet or computer.

Baby Monitor with Night Vision

Baby monitor with audio communication

Working parents don’t have to miss out on those precious baby moments any more. With WatchBot, one parent can be at work and still see baby during the day.

Always be in contact by talking to him/her wherever you may be. Whether you’re at work or just at home, busy cooking, you can talk to your baby and listen back via the camera has two way audio communication feature.

Child protection camera

Child security and safety is always going to be the biggest concern for parents. Ensure your children are safe whilst they play by using WatchBot as a nanny or babysitter camera. You can carry on with your daily tasks or have a well-deserved evening out - simply use WatchBot to check on your baby and children as you feel the need.

Packed up with features, WatchBot is a baby monitoring camera that takes child care to a whole new level making your life as a parent much easier, ensuring you peace of mind.
Baby Monitor with Audio Communication

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